Out of the closet

April 2, 2019

Exiting the comforting blanket of secrecy;
I opened the door of the closet 
Spilling in;
Warm hearts and open arms, cascading down upon me.
Love brings hate.
Relentless believers shoot darts into my heart
Shaming with their words;
words of God and abnormality 
Hate brings love
Unblinded by the blind, support crashes down on me in waves, Holding my hand;
Shooting daggers at those who dared to shame
Love brings hate
Though I am guarded in front, 
the words creep ivy-like into the back of my mind and I doubt 
Hate brings love
With every fall there is someone to hold me, 
I’m unsure if even the ground would catch me otherwise;
I find my own, I find them everywhere,
It makes my vision fill with rainbows 
Love conquers hate
Hate rises up,
subsequently hit head-on with a rainbow hammer,
us shamed are not ashamed.

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