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I swear we're now friends

April 24, 2019

I swear we're now friends,
Our laughter is the song we sing in time, 
As your smile grows, crescent moons take the shape of your earth eyes.
Our friends find us a spectacle.

Yet, explaining us is like drawing up a map of the universe,
and you call me the sun-
your sun.

I swear we're now friends
Since our first date, 
was in a sleepy orange sunset,
aligning this designation from fate,
avoiding where we'll end-
I avoided it.
You returned Cupid's arrow.
You're a friend with many talents,
a brilliant multi-tasker.
Earth eyes locked onto me,
always listening out for life beyond,
better than this,
better than us.

I swear we're now friends,
But since you, everyone feels like earth.
And with me for too long,
leaves them worse than burnt.

While you manipulate the tide that ties people to you,
a compressed experience,
attached to your fantasy of detachment.

I guess,
we're friends,

We're just complimentary colours,
You're inked in an ocean of indigo,
like the tears you shed,
no star will witness.

I'm engulfed in gold,
the colour of materialism,
fools follow,
and you did too.
until you felt the  gr a v i t a t i o n a l
pull back to better.
Than us.

But I swear we're now friends,
Despite you removing my heartstrings,
to replace the ones you lacked,
called me heartless in your poem.
My chest is now an indigo bruise.

But, never mind.
Who we were, became a writing prompt,
we both took creative liberties.

Once you read to me a time when we became friends again,
you missed my furnace touch,
I became detached to the idea of attachment,

I swear I'm over you.
You left the gas on for me to burst.
I left you worse than burnt.

we chased east til west. 
buried you remain.
in soil and stardust.



 e x p a n d s

Lied with me.
same orbit.
lied to me.

 Say you will always love me,
demand for everything that lingered you,
snuck my golden top, you stained,
into the pocket of your indigo jacket.
scribbled out your space in me,
our eulogy for this supernova.

We’re not.
friends anymore.
we have history that'll remain unrecord.
Like all eclipses,
 us was a spectacle.

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