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In Between

April 2, 2019

Often, my face hurt from smiling too much.
Other times, my face has no expression.
Occasionally, tears stream down my face.
Once, I was crying and smiling at the same time.

My heart changes often,
I have no control.
It is a free bird in the sky,
With a thought of its own.

My mind goes to places, 
To places, I didn't realize I know about.
It is restless,
And wanders where it wants.

My whole being lives in between;
Light and dark,
Up and down,
Sky and earth.

My existence confuses me.
I am not this,
nor that.
I am not black,
nor white.

I am the colors of the rainbow,
or the cloud between the sky and ground.
Even the color gray cannot fit me.
But this is the joy of being human.

We cannot be contained in labels.


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