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A humble young storyteller who loves sunny days, brightly colored cacti, the ocean, and you.

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I'm a young storytellin' gal just over a month shy of being an actual, legal adult . . . that's a scary thought.
My writing passion is fiction/high fantasy, but every now and then I pop out an edgy poem or two about my feelings.
I am also a theatre kid. 100%. If writing is my passion, then acting is my dream.
I just love to tell good stories any way I can.

how do you spell the gnashing of teeth

April 1, 2019


I swear I'd kiss you if I could
I'd give my entire nothing of a life to kiss you
Because I feel like my life isn't anything
If I never buck up and kiss you

But I can't.
I know I can't.
So I'll hide my eyes in fear
because if I look at you for too long

I think I'll die.
I know this sucks. This is just a vent. I couldn't not write this out.

I am a very romantically frustrated individual.


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