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I`m a high school graduate and I`ve been thinking about going to collage to be an author. I got this site from one of my favorite teachers, Mrs.Foreman. I`m just trying to see if writing is the right place for me.

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This might be the final one

Alternate Ending #3

March 11, 2016


(Right after chapter 14)
         My chest took a long time to start healing but the doctors were amazed that I had even started to recover at all. Most people who were shot as close to the heart as I was died. I was one of the lucky ten percent that lived through it.
       When I was finally allowed to walk William was right at my side. It took a few weeks for me to be strong enough to stand on my own. William was always there at my side helping. He always told me that he loved me and how well I was doing.
       After a few more months they released me from the hospital and I went home with William. The doctors told me I had to rest more than I used to but William would always cuddle with me to make me stay in bed. I wasn`t a person that liked staying in bed. I hated how much I was kept in bed and all I wanted was to paint or walk.
      One day William had work and left early so I got up right when I got up. I walked to the old tree house and worked on the picture I had been working on the day Brian took me. I worked all day until the door swung open and scared me.
      I was picked up from behind and lifted into someone's arms. It was william and I could see the worry in his eyes. He kissed me then buried his face in my hair.
     “I thought I had lost you again,” he said into my neck and I could tell he was crying.
    “I`m sorry,” I said quietly as I hug his neck.
    “Julia I’m sorry I let them take you away….I should have fixed the door and I just should have been here with you,” he said into my neck as his tears fell onto my shoulder.
    “It's not your fault,” I said as I made him look at me. “All that matters is that you saved me. You found me and saved me.
    After that he took me to a nice restaurant and we talked for a long time. Then he got on one knee and grinned up at me. I melted when he smiled.
   “I knew we would be together forever but I always thought we would just be best friends. What I'm trying to say is Julia will you marry me,” William asked with the biggest smile and I said yes
   After that we lived on our own. We bought a house and planned to start a family. I was so happy to be with him as we planned the rest of our lives together. We planned our wedding for July 10th and we started all the preparations. We planned and got everything in order just in time.
  The night before I stayed at my parents house in my old room. Me and my mother made sure the dress was in perfect condition and we were just so happy. My mother had always wanted me to be with William and my father was happy to ‘give’ me to him. I was happier than ever.
   It took hours to get the wedding ready but I was so excited that I couldn't stay still. The wedding started at noon and everyone was there before me. We had a separate horse drawn carriage bring both me and William to Central park. The colors of light pink and sky blue were everywhere for our colors. The bridesmaids got to wear the color they wanted but they seem to have evened it out. My father wore a black tuxedo with a pink and blue Boutonnière. My dress was a light pink with small light blue flowers around the waist.
    My father walked me down the aisle and William watched every step I took with a smile and his blue eyes seemed to spark with my steps. My light blue veil hung over my face from the small tiara that it was attached to.
   “You look beautiful” William said as he took my hands in his.
   “You look good yourself” I giggled quietly.
   We said our vows and then we kissed. Everyone cheered and we smiled bigger. After the wedding was the reception and we actually had it at a small restaurant that served food outside. I had changed into a pink sundress because my actual dress made me sweat.
    It was such a nice day and I couldn't have been happier. William was talking with a few of his family members and I was watching the birds. I saw a baby bird fall from it’s nest and hit the ground. I got up and grabbed it from the ground.
    “It’s okay little one,” I said softly as I checked it`s wing. It seemed to be broken so I called for William. “William bring me my purse” I called over my shoulder.
    “What’s wrong,” he asked as he walked over with my bag.
    “I just need to bandage its little wing,” I said as I took the bag and set to work on its wing. It took a few minutes to get it done. “There now I`m gonna take you home and take care of you,” I smiled big.
     We headed home after the reception and made the bird a place to live till we could free it. It was a dove and I thought of it as a blessing that I had been there to save it. We took care of it like it was our own. In a way it was.
     Once it’s wing healed we had to let it go. We took it back to the park that we found it and released it. By that time I was about a month pregnant.
     Morning Sickness was the worst way to find out I was pregnant. I woke up one morning in September and started to puke my guts out. It had been William’s idea to take the pregnancy test and his guess had been right. We were so happy until a war started.
     The military started drafting soldiers for the war. We had hoped that William didn’t get called for the war but in May that year he was called into the war and I thought that I would be able to tell him that I loved him the day he came home but the day he left was the last time I told him anything in person.
    On July 4th, only two months after he left, I woke up and it was a normal day of taking care of the twins. That is until there was a knock on the front door. I opened that door and my heart shattered. Standing on our front porch was a military officer.
    “Are you Miss.Wolf,” the man asked.
    “Yes….is there something wrong,” I asked as I mentally told myself that William was okay but in a way I already knew what happened.
   “I'm here to report that two days ago William Beck Wolf passed away in combat. He was a good soldier and he served his country well,” he had taken his hat off and was looking at the ground. “He was also a great friend and he would have been an amazing father. He even collected things from everywhere we had been just for you and his children. I’m so sorry for your lose,” the officer was crying and so was I.
     “Did you know him,” I asked in a sad voice.
     “Yes and he told me all about his little family. He told me about his best friend and wife. He told me everything,” the officer said as he handed me a backpack.
      I invited him in and gave him some tea as I took care of the twins. I kept myself together for them and once the officer left I had my mom come get the twins. I sent supplies for the next few days with her.
      I was a mess and I cried more than I didn`t. I put all of his things in a spare room and set up a memorial in that room. Every Time I felt the need I would paint for him. When the kids were old enough I hung their pictures on the walls and told them about how brave their daddy was.
      “You were those kids,” I say as tears roll down my cheeks. “This was the story of how mommy and daddy meant,” I look down.
      “Do you miss him mom,” our little girl, Sammie, asked sadly and all I can do is nod.
       “I wish we could have met dad,” Jacob said as he leaned on Sammie.
       “He would have loved to meet you too” I smile sadly


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