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One point awarded to each

April 6, 2019

One point awarded to each
Words lash out 
When not finding home
Fall to the
To be collected later.
She regurgitates anger from two days ago.
He wipes the sticky memory from her chin
And crouches at her feet to sweep the words from the tile floor
Under the fridge
He said she looked pretty when she cried
Swollen lips
Sparkling sheen beneath her eyes
Eyelashes clinging to each other lest they be 
  a        w ay 
by     the 
So, she cried some more
And he smiled.
They fight on trains
In cars
Every moving vehicle becomes a ring
And when the door shuts the fight begins
The bell rings
The punch strikes air
Upper cut finds home
She is standing when the bell chimes again as the door slides open 
and as they make the leap 
from train      to       platform
The performance piece ends.
Characters built from words of furious anger peel of
Like lattice work suits seeming to slip
Right through the crack between worlds at their feet. 
But, really, they have been neatly folded away with a magician’s sleight of hand.
Ready to be easily unfolded if ever the situation requires.
And we watch
We are the passengers on the train
The plane
The boat
The car
We are the audience at the ring
We are the baby asleep in the cot 
sheltered in shadow a hairsbreadth beyond the harsh light of the kitchen
And as she pulls out a threat and embeds it beneath his skin
And as he methodically recites his song which features naming her flaws 
We award them one point each 
for participation.


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