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United States

Hopeless romantic
Equally hopeless Fangirl™️
Early senior
The Lumineers
Bird lover
Fascinated by Great Britain
Love M. Night Shyamalan movies
In love with
James McAvoy
Rami Malek

Message from Writer

The bio field doesn’t allow enough words to explain me, so here I am.

I’m the girl in the back of your English class, writing stories instead of taking notes.

I’m the girl alone at lunch, reading a book and listening to the Lumineers and the Beatles until the bell rings.

I’m the girl who has a crush on all the boys, but never admits it. I’m too shy.

I’m the girl who smiles at the new kids, even if we never become friends. I never win yearbook awards, and I’m just fine with that.

I’m the dreamer who never stops imagining what the future could look like, because there are endless possibilities, and any one of them could be mine.

White Kite

April 1, 2019

I remove it from its shelf
unroll the string
soon to be wet from my tears.

it's a tradition now
one only my family does
when someone is gone. 

now she's gone
and I've been chosen.

so I unroll the string 
and take it outside
while my family looks on
but at peace

now I unfurl it
the white kite used
for a send-off
a final goodbye
to the lost
as they pass 


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  • weirdo

    this is beautiful

    6 months ago