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Hey everybody, I'm now a Senior Peer Reviewer for Write The Former Write The World young writer, now mentoring other WTW young writers through peer reviewers! Wish me luck and hoping you make wonderful pieces!

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Here's a little questionnaire for you guys to check out! Feel free to leave your answers for each one in the comments below, I'd love to see them. I am really sorry for not posting anything in a while, my writing funk has gone off the rails and I'm trying to find my way again. Anyhow, enjoy!

A Little Questionnaire On Some Stuff:

April 1, 2019


Description: Hey all, embarrassingly enough, I'm facing a slight writer's block due to being as lost as I've been for the past while now and kicking around stuff for revision in my notes has been getting a little dull. So, to try and get back into the groove, I've decided to do a little questionnaire, like the one I did last year, but this one will be new and fresh. I've got some pretty interesting questions, there will be at least 12 in all (like the twelve Greek Gods) and you all can answer in the comments. Anyhow enjoy, and please forgive me for not posting anything in a while, being a writer is the hardest job in the world.

Rated: K+ (just to keep it safe!)

The Questions:

1. If you had been in charge of the Avengers: Infinity War film, what aspects of the film would you have done differently? Would it be the plot, the characters, etc? What do you have in mind?

2. What sorts of things would you say would scare you the most and why? I in particular fear heights because I would not like to fall off them and stairs really freak me out because I fear I might fall down them.

3. Which would you rather do; Would you rather A. Be stuck upside down forever while listening to really bad singing B. Be unable to control your laughter and have people think you're crazy, or C. Live in an underground cavern, having nothing to eat but peanut butter?

4. How many times have you talked to yourself in a day? I ask this because I do it all the time.

5. Slytherin house has always been persecuted as evil and a producer of dark wizards, which is a serious stereotype and has caused many misconceptions about the house. What would you do to help the reduce the stereotypes of this house in order for it to be seen in a better light?

6. Which of the four elements would you say you are; water, earth, air, or fire? In my case, I'm fire due to my vast amount of passion and creativity. Depending on which of the elements you are, why do you believe so?

7. Would you have liked it if Hagrid had actually married Olympe Maxine in Harry Potter or no? I definitely would have because Hagrid was one of the few characters who never got hitched and he deserves to get married after all he's done for his friends. I love Hagrid, the cuddly half giant!!!

8. What would you say are your top three favorite major interests? Mine are fantasy fiction, fan art, and writing awesome stuff for you guys.

9. Out of everything in the world, what would you say annoys you the most to the point where you can't stand it anymore?

10. If you broke out into a spontaneous musical number, what kind would you want it to be? I would kill for a big jazz number with fedoras and a tap dancing bit.

11. Easter is a holiday that has no fixed date and due to religious reasons, gets moved around a lot. However, if Easter did have a fixed date, which day do you think it would be and why?

12. Which Glee character do you think is more adorable, Kurt Hummel or Rachel Berry? I've never really watched Glee, but I've seen clips of it and the two of them are such cutie pies to the point where I'm literally gushing inwardly.
Here's a little questionnaire for you guys to check out! Hope you enjoy and please forgive me for not posting anything in a while, the writing process has been difficult for me every since my groove got lost.


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  • Mr. Colin E.

    Wow, fascinating answers! I love how you think Hagrid is such a pure dude because considering how he's literally saved Harry and his friends hundreds of times, marriage would be a fitting reward!

    over 1 year ago
  • Julius Caesar

    1. Just to save time because I have a lot to say: Thanos would die himself in the snap
    2. Fear of spiders because... spiders
    3. B, because I like to laugh and care less about what people think
    4. It's not a matter of much I talk to myself in a day, rather how I talk to myself.
    5. Focus on the positive characteristics of what places a Slytherin in that house. I mean, Harry Potter was almost in Slytherin... focus on the characteristics that almost placed him there.
    6. Water because several Buzzfeed quizzes have told me so-- what can I say, they're a reliable source.
    7. Hell yeah! Hagrid is too pure for this world and he deserves all the happiness life can offer.
    8. Calligraphy, writing poetry, and fashion believe it or not...
    9. People.
    10. Bohemian Rhapsody because that song has so much character and multiple elements musically so there would be a role/ part for everyone to fill. Also, it's one of my favourite songs XD
    11. April 1st. I have one reason for that: It would make an excellent time for practical jokes in Easter egg hunts.
    12. I know neither so I'm going to talk about Ben Hargreeves. He has some Asian representation and is absolutely adorable AND he's like Carol Danver's cat Goose. (If you don't know what I mean binge-watch The Umbrella Academy and go see Captain Marvel)

    over 1 year ago