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"Today's air quality is mauve and speckled."
"Time is weird. So is space. I hope ours match again someday."
-Welcome to Night Vale

Message to Readers

I scribbled this down in English instead of paying attention at the end of class. Thoughts and comments are really appreciated!! ALSO THE DEADLINE FOR MY CONTEST IS THIS SATURDAY!!!! IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON WRITING OR HAVE STARTED SOMETHING, PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND!!!!!
~Julius Caesar

Fake Smiles

April 3, 2019

Fake smiles often hide 
more than any fake
personality ever could.

A person walks, smiling at the sun,
the way their lover had done before they left. 
You would see a smile of appreciation, 
when really it was a smile of pain,
 holding back the tears of abandonment

A person talks, discussing the events of the past, 
claiming that they are better now, 
that everyone has been so helpful, 
smiling at the end of their words, 
sealing their confidence. 
Behind the confident smile, was a child, 
trembling with the memory of a loved one 
who had passed into the afterlife.

A person laughs, inhaling the joke that had just been made, 
holding what was said in their heart, 
smiling outwardly, showing thick skin, 
when in reality they were as permeable as 
a sponge soaking up the water around it, 
until they were squeezed out 
releasing water in the form of tears.

In reality,
the person who walks alone is abandoned. 
the person who talks with confidence is reminiscing. 
the one who laughs heartily is hurt.

But no one notices, 
no one hears, 
no one asks, 
because a smile is reassuring 
for all those who are watching. 


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