AM Key

United States

There is not much to me, I love to read and write (duh) and music is just as much as my life as breathing is. I am involved in theater and play the paino I am also a percussionist (the popele who play drums.)

Forgive me

April 1, 2019

The  romantic taste of new beginnings 
rest peacefully on my tounge,
and the sun shatters to 
patient darkness. 
And  surrounded be the blanket
Of stars and open night skies 
I confess my secrets. 

They roll off my lips 
like they were meant to fall;
 destined to be whispered to the moon.
”forgive me,” is the plea
from my mouth,
for I fear 
the universe itself 
will despise me for my sins.

I am Nothing but a human 
wrapped in “what could have been”s
and “if only”s
forgive me.
I didn’t know better.
I am sorry.



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