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April 1, 2019

Learning is hard, not knowing is hard. When someone just tells you what it is is easy, but it doesn't help us. When we make a mistake, and learn from it, it 1, makes that lesson easier to remember, 2, it helps us grow and become stronger. If it's hard not knowing and hard learning, but learning leads to knowing, so things a tiny bit easier, isn't worth going through the hard time, and learning, to make things easier? WE all have to do hard things, to learn, to get to the other side of knowing, which most of us really like. When we learn, we become stronger and better,  which is good for us, so we all need to learn and grow, become stronger, go through hard times, so that we can become better people, make this world a safer place, where we all know that bullying is bad, and don't do it, help others, and ultimately make people great, and fantastic, not just "good" or "okay. We need to learn, so that we can get what we call smarter, wiser, as these also both lead to becoming great, so, learn, so you can become a great person, which leads to more and more people becoming wonderful people, so the world is great and beautiful, and wonderful and all the things that we want it to be. That's why we learn, why learning is so hard, because you can't be great, without being strong, not knowing is hard, because it tells us that we need to change, and know, or learn how to make the world a better place, as we want it to be. 


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  • weirdo

    Nice job! Welcome to WtW!

    over 1 year ago