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Author of "Miss conceptions" (2017)
Kathak dancer

Message to Readers

This is my first draft, and I would appreciate any feedback.

Madness of uncertainty

April 1, 2019

when i look up, i see the silent sky

orchestrated with the twinkling stars

my eyes reflect the moonlight

when i look down, i see the ground falling apart

beneath my heavy, remorse-filled footsteps

that taint the bloody ground

yes, these tears are mine

me- once a privileged, ignorant child

tears blooming at every small sacrifice

playing in the safe promises of care and love

failing to realise a promise can be broken

even if not intentionally

never believed in doom, in misery

although everyday there are shouts of some innocent war

that rattles some family to their bones

everyday i dissect these pieces of my heart

that have shattered like icy shards

and now pierce my feet

i am walking. i am walking. i am walking

towards some unknown destination

and my mind will change before i reach

uncertainty is woven deeper than pride

often the provocation

of every folly we commit

in the letters we write to our significant other

we realise not that they are not forever

nothing is

incomplete, you will say

before looking at the next line

reaching beyond your familiar

and when the hand reaches out of the darkness

we see a monster, to sate our insecurity

and so we tell our children

those very children who are afraid

to take a step, leap into the unknown

let me know, please, how that turns out

a hundred years from now

i will be sitting in the place

we termed heaven in the oxford dictionary

and smiling awkwardly

at you, and you, and you all

asking how could i have been a part of this madness


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