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Author of "Miss conceptions" (2017)
Kathak dancer

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Madness of uncertainty

April 1, 2019

Remembering those days are my favorite pastime
a house I loved, so sublime
the gentle hands caressed my hair at night
and satisfaction always remained in eyesight.
I breathed the same air as my loved ones did
that laughter prevalent, our souls a hybrid
and the promise of forever lingered in the air
knew I always wanted to grow old there.

and then, begun hearing the whispers
of lost souls that pushed me to the edge.

I remember her asking why I awoke
with bloodshot eyes and a heart gone amok
and I always slowly shook my head
never guessed where I was being led.
Those lies I told? I laughed them away
yet, I could not believe I had been led astray
by my own mind, never once did I think
insanity was leading me blindfolded to the brink.

and then, begun hearing the ghosts cry out
of lost souls that pushed me to the edge.

Questions then became my mind’s occupation
and the rare answers were always sweet celebration
Who am I? Where am I?
now swirled in the darkness before my eye.
The storm raged when I slept at night
and the nightmares showed an unfamiliar sight
which I continue to see, and now I never know
to whom I had sent the frequent XO.

and then, begun recognising myself
as the lost souls that pushed me to the edge.


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