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Feeble Love Letters To Something We Used To Be: A Slam Poem

April 1, 2019

They met in kindergarten
Among a world of wood chips and giants feet
That treaded around their heads
In repetitive circles as they tried to figure out
What the world had to offer

They grew up together
First and second grades flashed by
And they could never be torn apart
Because they knew they were made for each other
Because the world knew they were made for each other
And nothing could break their inseparable bond until

Third grade
Separate classes
All alone on the playground
They lost their inseparable bond that held them in its
Mothering arms

So the boy began walking
In the same repeating circles on the blacktop
Wishing he could hold her hand again
So he held his own, clenched his teeth
And kept on walking   
But then

Fourth grade
They were back together again playing
Superheros and chasing feathers they called  fluffies
And they were special because they were theirs
And nothing could ever take that from them
Together again

He knew her
He knew the contents of her little batman lunch pail
A peanut butter sandwich
with sun chips and fruit snacks
And a juice box to boot

Through fifth grade
His heart leapt at the thought of making her laugh
That sweet little chuckle
It rang through the walls of his chest
And he felt empty when he didn’t hear it

It calmed his anxious soul
And filled every hole in his heart

In sixth
Because of his sisters teacher's
And his mother’s reluctance
To sign him in to the other class  
They were put far away
From each other again

And at first they thought they'd wander back together
But all they did was change and grow
and now they were different people
Different people

The world finally changed its mind

He still wished he could hold her hand
He still craved that bouncing laughter
And every time she would pass him by
So many words would flood through his head
trying to break through his skull
A tidal wave of his sorrow
Bursting out of his aching soul

He wanted to scream out apologies
Scrawny little love letters
Pages and paragraphs of pointless pining

He wanted to tell her everything...
To tell her everything
To tell her:

I miss your sweet smile
that shines into every pore of my being

I miss your dialect
all words but your name lost meaning  

I miss the way you would chat with me
about chatting way too much

I miss our sharing of sunchips
and your hands light touch

I miss giving you little gifts on valentines day

I miss playing mancala with you when the sky was rainy and gray

I miss all of our little original games

I miss how each day with you was never the same

I miss having someone to laugh with, someone to trust

But most of all
I miss us

He said these things
But only in his head
And all that would come out was a hollow “Hi”


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  • Joey M.

    I miss us too

    9 months ago
  • Lumisade

    Well. I have tears in my eyes. 'cause this is actually what happened to me and my childhood best friend, and reading this just brought all those years back. Wow. All those years of riding our bikes down the street, climbing the tree in his front yard, throwing paper airplanes into the sky for hours to see whose would fly the farthest, sitting on his bed watching him play Guitar Hero or something when we didn't feel like playing outside. All those years before we knew anything. Jeez.
    Anyways, this is one of the most emotionally compelling poems I have ever read, and I think is my new favorite piece on this whole website. Very, very well done.

    over 1 year ago