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Writer's Block:
when your imaginary friends stop talking to you.

"A writer is a world trapped in a person."
-Victor Hugo


April 4, 2019

One day you were there,
Filling me with
Promises of Tomorrow.
I had watched over you
Most of my life.
Until the moment
You left me,
Now it is my turn to leave.
My heart filled with
Tomorrow's promise.
With my goodbyes said
And the memories shared with
With a single look.
I had lived a thousand years
And I will live
A thousand years more.
May not be now,
But I will live again
With the promises of
I close my eyes for the
Last time,
Ready to leave at
Any moment and
Yet ,
Not ready for all the goodbyes.
Hang with you again,
One last time.
Last breath in….
And out.
I leave with the promise
Of the next day;
Waiting with a smile.

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1 Comment
  • weirdo

    nice job!!!

    11 months ago