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Lives in Idaho
In the 11th Grade
Born in San Diego
Proud Bisexual

Message to Readers

I think it might be a little long but i think it'd good. Any honest reviews will help me improve my writing. Even though I have been gone for a while.

The Face

April 1, 2019

You are here 
Here to see a beautiful face rise above
Above a sky drenched in gray colors;
And painted with stars 

For if that face can rise above all
It will give you 
a new beautiful life

You stare;
You stare at the beautiful gray sky
and just then 

The face of brilliant reds and oranges
Uses it's happiness to light up the sky
To light up the sky; 
To light up the sky with beautiful colors

Reds for your Strength
Oranges for your Happiness
Purples for your Independence 
Pinks for your Inner Peace
And Beautiful Blues
The Ones you see each day 
For your confidence

Everyone else just sees a sun 
Not a face 
Everyone else just sees the colors 
But they mean something to you 

Because the face the rises above the clouds;

Is You

And you cast colors;
You cast colors; 
To help others become 
Who they are meant to be 



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