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hey, i'm Jo.
(don't own pic)
i love so many things,
forest colors
navy blue
sun yellow
caramel and vanilla in my coffee
chocolate covered berries
feeling pretty
wanting to find the right guy

love you guys...

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April 24, 2019


1. What's the weirdest conversation you've had with yourself?
In the middle of a math test or worksheet, I might start telling myself the steps. It might not be super weird, but I’m pretty sure my classmates think I’m crazy:)

2. What's the most ridiculous story concept you've come up with, that somehow worked?
My book that I’m working on right now first came to me in first grade with the idea of a group called the SuperSavers. Yeah. Either way, I’ve developed it into a group called the Frostfire Warriors. You can see a crazy confusing piece about that, here.

3. What's your unusual pet peeve?
I hate it when I can’t remember a word when writing, or when I see a tag sticking out of someone’s shirt. I want to fix it, but that’s weird. Also, I have an irrational fear of spiky plants, like century plants.

4. What's a trait that you love to see in people?
I love when people initiate conversation to try and get to know new people. The confidence to let go of insecurity and meet people is pretty amazing.

5. Which of the six Infinity Stones would you like to harness the power of (if you were a being powerful enough to)?
None. Power like that can bring a lot of evil to your doorstep, and I’d rather just have the power to fly, thanks. :) orrrr ice and air and light like i said in is it weird to feel so connected to your characters (the link above that says "here")

6. What's your celebrity squish (if you don't know what that means, look it up! It's one of my favorite words!)?
Any of the Marvel actors seem like they would be awesome to get to know!

7. What's your favorite dead meme?  
None of them are dead to me…
this is a problem

8. What's a family trait that you do not possess?
Most of my family has a large amount of perseverance, yet I find that I dip my feet into an activity, then find something else to try. Sometimes this is good, but sometimes it isn’t.

9. What's your favorite Broadway musical?
I haven’t gotten to see any musicals...

10. What are your top ten favorite pieces by WtW users (please include a link and users name!)?
Oh my goodness… This is really hard. Here’s some (DEFINITELY not all):
Library by casual.ties
Natural Beings by FairNoble
my world is dying by Ruthh
Jumping by Budding Mae
TO BE SOLD; 10 likely slave girls, fit for any duties by Andromeda
Moving Day by sedya
The Horror Within by MyBrokenSmile
Forever by palindrome
Sundew by Harlow
(yes that's nine, these are the only ones I could find right now, cause I gotta go to ninth period and it's RAINING SO HARD) 
(The order doesn't determine how much I love these pieces)
11. What's your weird quirk that you're proud of?
I’m very good at reading personalities. This means that once I’m an acquaintance of the person, it’s easy for me to think of them in different situations and how they might react, what they might work best at, etc.

12. What's your favorite childhood TV series/movie?
My sister and I absolutely loved Winnie the Pooh and Mary Poppins. Those movies were amazing to us when we were younger.

13. Who do you absolutely despise but love at the same time?
 My sister (who’s 12 and in seventh grade). I love her to death and if anything ever happened to her… let’s just say nothing good is coming to you, but she has some talents (like gymnastics, and other athletic traits) that I’m kind of jealous of. Also, she never cleans up her messes (like her shelf in the bathroom, and the food items she left out) that make me have more chores!

14. What's the stupidest injury that you've inflicted upon yourself?
Recently, I was baking (I like to do that…), and I accidentally evaporated the small amount of water I was boiling (I never said I was good at it). I was talking to my sister (Juli), and my next-door neighbor (Jasmin), and when I went to fill the pot again, I touched it. Yep. I grabbed the pot by the bottom. I got burned. In multiple ways.

15. Is water wet (lol this might start a huge debate)?
Do fish think they’re wet?

16. Is there any font that you're particularly fond of?
I love Times New Roman. The average font where you can put it to 12 point size and know the actual amount of writing you did.

17. What did you think of this Q&A?
Quite fun, and I hope to do more of these in the future! 10/10 would recommend
I think this speaks for itself:) Thanks for this great time!


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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    3: I know what you mean XD That drives me NUTS
    6: That's a fantastic point. They seem like nice people. :D
    11: Oooh, what a cool quirk. I would love to be able to do that.
    13: I feel ya XD

    Oh man, I'm honored to have made your list of favorites!! :D That's the first time XD!

    7 months ago