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April 9, 2019


    She hesitated at the door. She was supposed to meet him here. He said there wouldn't be any danger for her but...she couldn't trust that. If she was near him there was always danger around the corner. She slowly turned the knob. The door slid open. She covered her mouth, but couldn't look away. More than fifteen dragon bodies lay on the floor, there heads not far away. Their black blood was thick on the floor. He lay in the center of the room, sword in hand. She went to him, the blood soaking into her sneakers. She knelt beside him and brushed the chocolate brown hair from his face. He always did that when he was thinking, now he would never do it again. His golden eyes were glazed over and tears were dried to his cheeks. She pulled his head onto her lap and wept. Her beautiful guardian was gone. The hole in her soul that he had filled all those years ago reopened and doubled in size. It didn't seem real, but he was gone...........

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