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May 4, 2016


                The summer breeze danced all around the meadow grass before bouncing off the rocky cliff walls that surrounding the hidden meadow. This scene would have been beautiful to the young elf's eyes if there wasn't half smoldering tents and blood spatters everywhere. Brunt blue and purple flags flapped wildly in the breeze, as if they were desperate to the leave this place, and forget the horrors they have seen. The young elf cautiously walked through the camp she crinkled her nose at the strong smell of burning corpses "what happened here" she thought as she continued walking towards the center of the large campsite.
                Passing by what looked to be a cage something caught her eye, she stopped to investigate. She kneeled down to pick up a sword that was slightly buried under a charred piece of fabric. It was heavy and look to have been bent as if it was used to pry something open, carefully inspecting the sword she saw there was an inscription on the hilt. She studied the inscription more realizing it was a dwarven name. "Sar-goth?" she read feeling confused as she felt a mix of unknown emotion wash over her.
              *SNAP* she spun around on her heel dropping the sword as she searched for the source of the sound, only to find a hooded figure standing just thirty feet away. “Who are you” she called out as she stared intensely at the figure, its face was hidden covered by the black cloak they wore. The figure turned around and walked away, “follow me” they said  in a whisper so quiet it match the strength of the breeze that danced in the meadow before they took off in a sprint. “HEY, get back here” she called out before giving chase.
                The figure movements were graceful as they jump over smoldering tents with ease, they moved so fast they cause the air whip around them putting out small flames that still burned around them. The world seemed to stretch and distort and before she knew it the figure had run inside a cave into the wall surrounding the meadow. She skidded to a stop in front of the cave she felt as if her feet were lead. She stood there at the entrance of the cave "hello" she called out, her voice seemed to echo back at her before it died.
                 There was complete silence everything seemed to go still even the breeze that had playfully danced across the meadow had disappeared. She took a step forward and step into a puddle she looked down only to be greeted with her face reflecting in a deep red puddle. She carefully bent down dip her fingers into the liquid before bringing them back to her nose, it smelled of the bittersweet aroma of wine mixed with blood. “Child of the man who names his sons in numbers and his daughters in herbs”. Hearing the voice she immediately dropped her hand quickly from her face “listen close Sage”. How did he know my name she thought to herself before the voice continued to speak? "You will lose someone near, you will shed countless tears. But Sage my dear it's the grief that follows you should fear”. Sage continued to listen as the world behind her faded into nothing, “You must persevere and not give into the bottle's cheer if you cannot then I afraid your end will is near." Before she could ask the voice what it meant an arrow was shot out of the darkness straight toward her.

Chapter One: A Short Awakening

                “AHHHHH” she screamed as she bolted upright from her sleeping position on the tree limb she was sleeping on, her movement being so quick and sudden threw her off balance causing her to fall off and land into the bush below with a solid “Ommff”. She slowly sat up from her position on the ground slowly rubbing a bump that was forming on her head. Next time I’ll tie myself down before I chose to fall asleep in a tree she thought looking up at the limb she had fallen from. She deeply sighed before crossing her arms behind her head and laying down on the forest floor.The moon was slowly disappearing from the sky so she assumed it was still very early dawn.
                Sage laid there like that for several minutes, she wanted nothing more but to go to sleep. But she couldn’t her mind was still on edge buzzing with questions about the dream she just had. No it wasn’t a dream she thought as she could feel a phantom pain in her heart. No what if it was a vision of untold events that would happen in  only a matter of days! Sage stop her train of thought and abruptly started to laugh. What an absurd idea she thought to herself. She dismissed the dream as a nightmare, it seems nightmares were becoming a common thing nowadays. She started to tremble at the thought of if they actually meant something, a cold sense of dread washed over her. She momentarily shook her herself and started to rub the sides of her arms in an attempt to shake the feeling away.
              When it was finally gone she opened her eyes to stare up at the receding night sky. “My journey has barely begun and I already feel scared heh” she gave a weak chuckle, she looked to the dimming stars for comfort. One suddenly seemed to grow brighter before it dashed across the sky leaving a glimmering trail behind it. “ A shooting star”,child like she said out child-like awe before she closed her eyes and scrunched up her face before making a wish. She laid there, eyes closed as her wish echoed through her mind and lead her to a long awaited peaceful sleep.
Added chapter one 5-3-2016
Chapter Two in beginning stages of writing (the first paragraph finished).
Love y'all guys, thanks for the support!!!

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