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What if...

By: inkyscribbles


What if you could erase?
Erase the ugly.
Erase the fear.
Erase the struggle.
What if you could try again?
Stop the pain. 
End the hunger. 
Save the innocent. 
What if you could change?
Change yourself.
Change your peers.
Change the world. 
What if you could make?
Make life simple. 
Make life easier.
Make life better. 
What if you did?
Would you be stronger?
Would you be just as sharp? 
Would you be more beautiful? 
Would you still be you?

Peer Review

Questions are thought-provoking and you asked many in your piece. However you did not just pose a question, but you also pointed out specific ways in which the main idea of that question could be implemented in someone's life. You didn't just ask about the concept of erasing, you gave an example of key life points that many of us wish we could erase, like "the ugly," "the fear," and "the struggle."

With the question "What if you could change?" I think that narrowing this question would make it less daunting. There are so many areas of humanity that need changing. What if you just picked one area, like the human mentality, or humanities negative effects on the natural world? By narrowing your question, you'll avoid becoming too generic in your questioning.

Reviewer Comments

Questions are great ways to engage your readers. As I was reading the questions, I was internally trying to answer them myself, and I found that your examples encouraged me to dig deeper into my own answers. Thanks so much! Keep questioning the world around you because through your curiosity, you'll become a better learner, teacher, and of course writer! :)