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Message to Readers

I wrote this a while ago as a possible synopsis for my novel, but I won't be using it anymore because my novel's main focus is somewhere else. What's your opinion on this?

Society's Image of Strength

April 10, 2019


Every society has specific values, and these values change over time. Certain personalities will flourish based on the values of that society. Today, our society supports efficient, productive extroverts. We encourage our young adults to work hard in everything they do, be strong in their beliefs, and resist the pressure of those around us. We highlight independence, confidence, perseverance, and individualism. These are all wonderful characteristics, but like any good quality, if one pushes something to the extreme, it can quickly become a dangerous fault. Efficiency and productiveness distract one from the beauty of the world. Confidence becomes arrogance. Perseverance creates stubbornness. Independence produces distrust. Individualism feeds selfishness. In everything we do, there is a need for balance. Society has created an image of what it thinks is a strong person. Compassion, meekness, and patience require a remarkably larger amount of strength because the world does not consider them strengths. We should be productive in charity. We should be confident in others. We should persevere in our patience. We should be independent without worldly things. We should be an individual by accepting our uniqueness. The morality of these values depends on where we direct them in our lives. There is danger even in the principals we hold so tightly to.


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  • Juliana

    I’m so glad you liked it! It’s something I’m passionate about because I have those exact faults. That’s perfectly fine! I’m sure you’ve got lots going on.

    4 months ago
  • -writinginhopesofsomeday-

    I love this piece, and I need to keep it when I'm feeling down.
    I also wanted to say sorry that your review is taking longer than normal. I wanted to review Chapter 1 (like you asked), and I just want to make sure it's helpful. I should have it submitted by Sunday. Sorry again!

    4 months ago