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Y'know, I really hope I can pull off the cool mysterious deep writer persona. That'd be sick.

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The story of a little girl waiting and waiting for her prince, but when he never comes she realizes she isn't a princess and how that's okay. lol

I Thought I was a Princess

March 30, 2019


After having many dreams of a prince rescuing me and galavanting off into the night,
Kissing far to many frogs,
and tossing all my pennies into wishing wells. 
No prince has come to rescue me.

No, I'm not mad.
No, I'm not sad. 
I am definitely not happy.
You see, every book I've ever read has had the prince come save the princess.
I thought for sure mine would come.
So here I sit,
raw disappointment.
I am not a princess like I thought.

Everyone says a princesses has pretty hair;
Mine is long and healthy.
Everyone says princesses can sing beautifully;
I sing every chance I get.
But as I compare myself and compare myself,
I just don't think I'm up to par.

So here I am.
Now that my prince is not coming and I am not a princess...
What do I do? 

I suppose now I don't have to worry about dragons or goblins attacking my castle.
I don't have to worry about ruling a kingdom.
As a matter of fact, being a princess must be hard!
No, no, no I don't want that.
I'm okay.
I think, I think I'll go make flower crowns now instead. 


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