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The Wedding

By: SunFromAlola


I arrived at the cathedral
For one of the happiest days
Where my two best friends
Would get married

We talked
All at their wedding

I stood and gave a toast
Of how I had to help with some of their ups and downs
It was great to see them so happy
I was so happy for them

We all danced
We had fun
We even found out about a pregnancy
All at their wedding

While they all caught up
And gave congratulations
I watched
And simply smiled with joy

What happened next?
I don't know
I left before anyone else
For I loved them both too much to stay

Peer Review

I was so moved by the end! It made me feel sad but I wanted to read it again!

Why did he leave?

Reviewer Comments

Loved the descriptions. You created a very vivid picture in very little words. Well done!