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Hi! I'm SunFromAlola, (not aloha) and I'm giving writing a try, mainly because of how much fun I heard it can be from my fellow writer MoonFromAlola. I mainly spend my free time playing video games, such as Minecraft, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem. I hope you enjoy my content, I will probably just work on one project at a time so I'm not overwhelmed. My friends are wonderful... but they can be a bit much at times. Especially when I just want to deal with something I'm going through alone. One of my biggest dreams is to be a Youtuber, I want to make people laugh and smile, and writing can get me part of the way there. ONE MORE THING!!!!! Sometimes I won't post anything for a long time so don't worry, I'm fine I probably just got lazy is all.

Empty Words

March 30, 2019



They call me a friend
Are these words real?
Probably not

I've been on my own before
Why is now any different?
This time I don't have them to encourage me

Keep pushing forward
Did you ever need them?
Them and their empty words?

The truth is good
But they find lies entertaining
They find jokes entertaining

What about when the jokes went too far?
They left me to clean up their mess
Because they needed to be entertained

You used to spend so much time with them
What went wrong?
Their empty words


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