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our beautiful rhythms

March 29, 2019


we are tied together by ropes of blood
bound tightly around our necks and ankles
trapping us
and suffocating us when we strain against our restraints

my heartbeat eases into the steady rhythm of yours
and my tears pool into your lap
as you tremble at the silence

we're still not used to the silence

i don't know what we're here for
or how much longer we'll stay

all i know is that
we're both at fault
in one way or another

all i know is that
we have to escape
from the endless cycle of night terrors and unwanted memories

all i know is that
we would both choose to forget each other if it meant
we could also forget the battles we fought

i know
we're only talking because there's no one else here

but i also know
that it doesn't matter
because your heart beats alongside mine
as we pull each other up
out of the abyss

we sprout wings
damaged and ragged
they flutter against the air
and brush against the stars
leaving behind streaks of blood and flames

and together we set fire
to the sky
this was inspired by "fire on fire" by sam smith because why not


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  • AbigailSauble

    Great imagery. =) Never heard of 'Sam Smith', but I love this piece!

    6 months ago
  • asteria

    how does this have no likes???? i am shocked, because this is some of the most beautiful imagery i have read in quite a while. "we sprout wings/ damaged and ragged/ that flutter against the air / and brush against the stars." like, that? that right there is POETRY. that is what i come here for. never stop writing, my friend. you have a gift

    p.s. sam smith is amazing :)

    8 months ago