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Hello! My name is Ruth and, like everyone else on this site, I'm attempting to write. Some of my interests include books (my favourites are The Picture of Dorian Gray, Six of Crows, Flowers for Algernon and The Kite Runner) films & tv (such as Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Interstellar, The Favourite, The World’s End, Fleabag and True Detective) and getting to know other people through writing, so feel free to leave likes and comments and I'll do the same for you!

watching the sunset

March 30, 2019


look at the sunset;
hazy shimmers
of tarmac on a summer day,
lilac dancers 
traipsing with broken shoes.
mad blood stirring:
the sun drowning on the horizon,
swarmed over by the houses and the flickering lights that come on like ink splatters as the light runs away.

look around you;
you have friends.
you are loved and adored and their smiles 
are because of you.
the grass weeps joy
as you dance to the music,
way too loud for an urban area but you don’t care.
take her hand, brush against his side.
this is the magic you deserve. 

look at the sunset.
you say it isn’t much; 
a natural occurrence,
barely any colour.
you only saw the wilting sun for two minutes before it disappeared from view. 
you were only out for half an hour,
and goosebumps bubbled your skin in the mad blood stirring.
but it was enough.
feeling the ground beneath your body,
heart beating wildly,
breath manic.
not quite living, but alive all the same.
Written after a little trip to watch the sunset with a few friends. We blasted hypersonic missiles by Sam Fender and yelled into the sky. I gave my bf his birthday gift of a Brexit mug. Things are out of my control, but in those minutes of rolling on a hill with my chest hurting from yelling, it was enough. I was enough. 


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