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Explosion, pt. 7

April 2, 2019


Explosion, pt. 6
Before my mother was allowed to come home from her extended stay at the nearest hospital in Hiroshima, I was a busy girl. I woke up early every morning to do my homework and meet with Youta and Haru before classes started. During school, I raced against the clock to do as much as I could, all the while wishing that I didn't have to go see my mother.
I would hurry to my job in the grocery store and study behind a wall of uninteresting products. After cleaning up, I would make the trek across the city to the only hospital that would treat her breast cancer. And then, I arrived at the gleaming hospital just before visitor hours were over. 
Sometimes, I would stay for the entire night and miss my cram classes, just so that I could be with my mother. Just so that I could help her brush her hair and put makeup on. Just so that I could be by her side when they injected her with sharp chemo needles. Just so that I could hear her call me 'brave'.
On the weekend, I would spend the entire day at my mother's side. It was during one of those days where I met Hinata. I stood outside of my mother's room, staring at the empty bed in the center of the room. I had just arrived at the hospital and saw her room empty.
A hand tapped my shoulder and I spun around to see a man close to my age, holding a bouquet of lavender and orchids in his hands. "Do you know where Mrs. Akimura is? I wanted to bring these to her..." Sato Hinata asked, giving me a small smile on his darkened face.
That's how we met. It was simple, really. We walked out to the courtyard, still talking. I remember tilting my head up to the sky and letting out a big sigh. Hinata took my hand in his and gave it a small squeeze, as if letting me know that he understands even though I won't say it. 
I don't think he ever really understood.
With Nagatomi-san and her five kids (I can't keep track nor will I even try), I trek around the chapel in search of "fresh herbs to eat." I doubt we'll find anything, but I will take anything to get out of that prison. 
It is on the second trek of the third day after the bombing that we see him. One of Nagatomi-san's children gives out a shout of alarm and I race over. Well, not really race. I do my best to hurry, but I am still reeling from dehydration. At the bottom of the hill is an obviously injured man clawing at the hillside. 
Nagatomi-san sends two of her children inside to get the others while scurrying down the hill. I follow, leaning against her oldest son. Once we get to the bottom, I see his soot-covered face and burnt clothes. 
"What happened?" the son asks, biting on his lower lip. Nagatomi-san glares at her son but grabs onto the man's arm. I grab the other one and start to climb up the hill, his weight on my arm feeling like lead. 
Youta hurries down the hill from the church, his expression worried. He gently pushes me away and lets the man lean against him. Tajima-san stands on the top of the hill, a basin of water in his arms. The man groans as we set him down on the hill and his eyes roll back into his head. As Tajima-san pours water down on his face, my chest tightens and I take a few steps backward. The soot and burned clothing disguised his face but... it's him. 
"Hinata?" is all I can mumble. No one hears my shock and I'm relieved. While he's passed out, I hurry inside of the church and grab clothing from the basement. Father Shozo sees me but moves out of the way of the stairs, his expression worried. Everyone is so worried. And it's driving me crazy. 
Outside, Tajima and Youta use sponges to scrub the soot off of Hinata's body. I can't bring myself to look over at him and instead place the pile of clothes by Tajima, who gives me a small smile of encouragement. I smile back, if only because I can't bring myself not to, and push away from the three of them. It is then that I look up toward the city and gasp loudly. There is no need to be silent or try to silence myself. Tajima turns to look and his legs give out from beneath him. As he falls to his bottom, Youta stands and turns, gazing out. 
We all stare at the smoke and ashes rising above Hiroshima, who is crumbling beneath the weight of tears and blood. We are luckily too far away from Hiroshima to smell the ash, but I doubt the stench will take long to get to where we are. Tears fill my eyes and I want to tell them to stop, but I can't. Youta glances over at me and I shake my head. 
Hiroshima is burning. It is burning to a large pile of ashes. As if the bombing wasn't enough. As if not enough people have died. At the end of all of this, I really hope that there is still a city left to remember.
Back to trying to stay with historical events! Of course, even I'm starting to get a little confused with the... timeline of the events. Did the fires happen on Day 1 or Day 3? Things like that... 
Sorry. This is tougher than I've realized.


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  • Quille

    Yes! (I mean, that's really awful about the city, I'm just really excited to read this :) And now we have another character who looks like he'll be just as awesome as the rest :DDD Can't wait to see where this goes!

    8 months ago
  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    It's so well done!

    8 months ago
  • Mary Wall

    Even with the timeline issues, this is so impressive!<3

    8 months ago