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This is a slightly edited version.

Shut Up

March 30, 2019


Shut up.
If you open your lips and breath the sentence,
The idea, into existence, then you can't go back.

You can't expose me,
doing that would be to expose yourself.
You'll preserve yourself before you hurt me.
You're like a scared animal.

So sad, all cornered by the wall.
I won't touch you,
but I'll make you dance to whatever song I choose.

You're body is like a puppet,
easy to manipulate,
there for my amusement,
flimsy and raggedy.

Your tears are nothing but drinking water.
Too edgy?
Okay, water for my fish tank. 

Blow the whistle, I dare you.
Do you think you could ever stop me?
No, no, no.
I'm like the big green monster, 
you fed me once, you fed me twice.
You've built me up to the point of invincibility. 
I am bigger than you.

You're done with me now?
That's laughable.
I never came to amuse you, I came because I saw an opportunity and took it.
A new toy.
A show.
Something to feed off of.
You hold no position of power.

So "princess" just shut up.
Shut up and sit over there nice and quiet.
Shut up.
Shut up and stay in your corner.
Sure, puppets don't cry, but you're a little more maintenance.
A bother, really.
A burden.

Not just a burden on me,
but look at your family,
your friends.
You weigh so heavy.
You break the benches you sit on.
Too silly?
At least I don't sleep in a cage.
You call it a bed. 
A bedroom but are you really free in there?
Are you really free to come and go?

you're hiding,
a shell,
a zombie.
You "get good" and you "get bad again" 
You're always bad.
Shut up, sit down and hide, "zombie girl".

You can cry and cry all you like, but this is how it is.
Shut up and live like this.
There are no other alternatives. 
Shut up. 

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