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Home-schooled Chapter 4

April 13, 2019


Chapter 3

"Excuse me, can I sit here?"

The blonde haired lad jumped back in surprise, while the brown haired boy, with whom the former was having a deep conversation, gave the girl a flirtarous smile.

"Oh hey, yah....I mean, of course!!"

Smiling uneasily, Sarah took the seat next to the Blondie , who had already resumed the conversation ; but the other lad did not appear to be listening , his blue eyes continuosly floating away in the direction of the brown haired girl sitting in front .

Meanwhile, a ferocious battle was taking place inside Sarah's head:

Who is she?

Maybe she's a friend.

Oh please, a friend would never look at
her ally like that.

Maybe that's her habit.

Why is she not showcasing this extremely outrageous habit of hers to anyone else then?

Maybe, because you're special.

How am I special?Wait- do you mean-

No no no, its not what you think you are thinking. Maybe..... she hates you....

Sarah's eyebrows contracted in disbelief. How in the whole wide world  was that supposed to be possible? That girl  seriously did not look as though her grey cells had been exchanged by her white cells or something of that sort? Then why-

"Hey you're new here,  aren't you?"

Sarah came out of her thoughts with a violent jerk to find a pair of  dark green eyes peering at her with interest. His blonde hair was slick and shiny, and had been combed back neatly 

"Yes." she muttered. "I thought you already heard that from Professor-"
"Professor?" he laughed hysterically. Somehow, his laugh seemed to remind her of a big black barking hyena. Supressing a wild temptation to laugh, she just let her eyes rest upon the dirty green ones. That did not help much either.

"No one calls him professor here ." he breathed at last, when he had finally finished laughing at Sarah's stupidity.

"No . We just call him Rob."

"Rob? But doesn't he-"

"Yes he knows."

She stared at him in surprise. The fact that none of the students actually seemed to respect the teachers enough to call them by their assigned names made her shudder even   in the pleasant weather of April.

"I don't know," she replied stubbornly at last. "I called my home professor anyway when I was home-schooled."

She regretted her words instantly. The blondie stared at her with such a strange expression in his eyes,  that it seemed like she had just expressed her wish to dance with an alien, and that too with an alien from Mars.
"You were-?" he said slowly, as the other boy with brown hair inched closer to their desk, in an attempt to catch on whatever was being said .

"Hey Dennis! Can you for God's sake stop with this eavesdropping habit of yours?? I am literally tired of this bullshit!!"

Sarah heaved a sigh of relief, as the boy went back to his conversation with the other lad, who was, for reasons best known to himself, gradually turning into a delicate shade of pink.
Mr. Rob seemed to be teaching the blanket of thin air in front of him. Sarah gave a quick glance at the extreme end of the class, just to find a group of girls giggling continuosly among themselves about nothing in particular.After witnessing the condition of the classroom , the girl could not help but feel  bad for the unfortunate teacher; who was shouting at the top of his voice , almost requesting the class to keep shut.

" Don't you feel ashamed of yourselves?"

The blondie jumped back in surprise, as though he had just received an electric shock. The other one, however , turned as red as a ripe beetroot. The words had escaped Sarah's mouth before she could stop them. 

"No, not at present anyway. May I ask wh-"

"You should know why actually!" she interrupted fiercely, her nostrils flaring up in anger. "Do you have any idea that what you guys are doing here day and night is actually a punishable offense?? Do you have any idea how teachers work day and night just for our benefits? Do you- even when your  nasty nose is snuggled into a cushiony pillow, on a bright holiday morning, these PROFESSORS actually have to walk to school and work. You know what?? I think whatever you are doing is prepostorous- did you here me?? PREPOSTEROUS!!"

There was pin drop silence in the classroom . No one seemed to dare to bring about the courage to say anything....that was...except that hazel eyed girl , who glared at Sarah in utmost annoyance. The blondie , looked slightly disgruntled. "Umm," he finally replied, after a long pause. "The word collection's interesting, the flow is smooth , and...." His tone suddenly became business like . "Did you have any public speaking experience before?"

By then , the spell had been broken , and the class had resumed to its original position...that was...again..except that girl who was now giving the boy a long clear calculated look. Meanwhile, the boy had finally succeeded  to make Sarah interested in his conversation. "Public Speaking?" she said cheerfully. "I was actually the captain of our debate club at school in my fifth-"

Sarah bit her tongue in desperation. Had her brain gone on a vacation? Or, had her grey cells been exchanged with the white ones? 

The lad was staring at her again, this time with a confused expression on his face." Didn't you just say that you were homeschooled?"

"I never sai -" she interrupted helplessly.

"How were you, then, the captain of your debate club in school??"

His green eyes crooned into her brown ones, and for the first time, since she had entered thr room, she fELT really scared. But it was not the terror of going to school for the first time after so many years, nor was it the feeling of shame of consternation that the secret that had burned down all those secret childish passions of that little girl of fifth grade, might come out in the open....again.


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