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I need your help! Calling all writers! (UPDATED! Credit will be given.)

March 29, 2019


I need your help! You, yes, you. We’re all writers here, and I’m looking for ANY ideas (I have a list of things below) that could help me with a half-developed Scfi-ish story I’m working on. You can give me crazy complex ideas, simple ones, basically anything that YOU might want to read. If I use your idea, when I post the first few chapters, I’ll give credit.
Here’s what we have so far:

A girl wakes up in a city, no memories of her former life. She’s been living on the streets for two weeks and has worked her way into one of the dangerous areas. She’s in good shape, except for three scars on her left wrist. The girl meets several people her age, (2 or 3) and they go through something together (could be an attempted kidnapping, or finding an object) that makes them realize that they’re connected (I need extra help with this part). These character/s I’m thinking will also have no memories. Crazy flashbacks, adventures, all of that good stuff. That’s all I have, not so much, but I think that it has potential.

I’m thinking that they won’t stay in this particular city the entire story, and will be chased/moved around a lot to other cities and even other continents. I’m also thinking that they all could have been a sort of DNA experiment gone wrong and that they had to escape, but somehow lost their memories in the process.
Comment! I’m looking for any and all suggestions from you!

Here’s a quick list if you don’t know what to put.

-Plot lines (complex, or simple)
-Scene ideas (any type, can be super vague or in depth!)
-Plot twists

Or overall just any ideas that come to mind after reading the half-summary. Like I said, credit will be given!

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  • JadeAndSerpentine

    Save a spot for me (assuming this is still on, I've been away for a bit so I just saw this)! You've got some great ideas; I'll ponder over it for a bit :)

    about 1 year ago
  • Grace Renae

    Yes, you can use the idea! (I didn't know how else to make sure you'd see this)

    over 1 year ago
  • sedya

    Corey would also be a good name (either gender)

    over 1 year ago
  • sedya

    Names - Aleyda, Xavier, Caraline (Cara or Carrie)
    Charc. Info - Aledya is strong, but shy (and kind of bookish (at least she was...)). Xavier is that one guy who's really popular (and has girls hanging all over him). Caraline is a cheerleader, but she'e the really nice type - always trying to do good for the world.
    Plot - failed experiment leaves them "bonded" (idk how to explain it, but they're sort of connected by blood *literally*). They make a shocking discovery that Aleyda had a child with Xavier (experiment...)
    Scenes - in a big city (maybe Chicago or San Francisco)
    Plot twist - described in plot line
    Flashback- they all remember different parts of the experiment

    It's kind of loosely based on Last Girl Seen by Nina Laurin (at least the child part is...)

    Feel free to change ANYTHING you want... :)

    over 1 year ago
  • sw

    An idea, maybe they have some sort of power that they don’t know about due to the memory loss. The government was trying to round up all the people with powers to contain/experiment on, and they were friends, but in their escape attempt they lose their memories and end up separated.

    over 1 year ago
  • creativejuices09

    Here's some names: Kara, Jackson, Andrew. And get this... They're WEREWOLVES. They had been volunteered (each individually) for a science experiment that would be willing to pay them each $10,000!!! They each took the offer and decided to go for it. Kara goes first. She's put on a lab table, given sleep medicine, and next thing you know, she wakes up as a wolf in a dark alley of an unfamiliar city. She has no clue where she is. She can't remember where she is. She has the ability to shape shift back and forth to human and to wolf. Her smell is incredible. Later she smells Andrew and Jackson.

    Flashback: she remembers her parents.
    Andrew remembers the lab scientists saying: "after they wake up they'll react to the--- and will soon attack her. We'll pay them if they get back." (This means they are werewolves who were made from illegal scientists, in the year of 3,005 a.d. They were made to be assasins to kill a certain person of whoever the "scientist" decide to kill. Including the president, at this time is a girl.

    lol XD i have too much free time

    over 1 year ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Plot twist: What if the experiment they were part of failed? And that's why they were in the city. Like, they got abandoned there after the fail.
    Flashback: Maybe show your main character as a little kid, outside with her family or something?
    Characters: I absolutely love sarcastic characters. They're my favorite. So if you figure out how to work that in it would fantastic.

    Whenever this is out feel free to tell me! :D It sounds crazy interesting.

    over 1 year ago