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Random Thoughts and Deep Questions (or the other way around)

May 17, 2019


Why do you say "good-bye" but not "good-hi"?

What would have happened if Jesus just decided "Nah, humans aren't worth it. I think I wanna live"?

Say a random word over and over in your head. I bet you'll start thinking about how weird English is

What stupid American decided "Yeah, this sport you play almost completely with your feet, let's call it soccer. Oh, and this sport you barely ever use your feet for, let's totally call that one football!"

Why does America have to be so strange and complex in the first place?

Do cats and dogs think of humans as their pets?

When you say 'apart' your lips go together. When you say 'together', your lips are apart!

Home and house are synonyms, right? So you can say 'I'm running home' but saying 'I'm running house' doesn't make any sense.

What if the inside of a tornado is actually the entrance to another universe?

Dogs can understand several humans words, but humans can't understand dog barks. Are dogs smarter than us? : )

It's natural for tall people to help out shorter people with reaching things, but if a tall person were to ask a short person to grab something off the floor, it'd be insulting to them.

To do their jobs, lawyers need you to get sued, doctors need you to get sick, mechanics need your car to act up, etc. Only thieves want you to have prosperity and wealth.
I'll keep adding on to this one too!
I know some of these can be explained, but these are just things I think of and jot down to share with y'all! I don't do research on these things. :)
Also, no offense meant on any of these things, they're just random shower thoughts!

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  • mia.joy

    Glad you like them! I hope I can think of more random things, it seems to be a specialty of mine ; ) : )

    7 months ago
  • Mary Wall

    I thoroughly enjoyed these and will be coming back, looking for more.:)

    7 months ago
  • mia.joy

    That's a good one! : )

    7 months ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    My sister had a funny one once - do our legs have feet or do our feet have legs? XD

    7 months ago