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Online Schools Rules

March 11, 2016

Mark bonner said “Online learning will rapidly become one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s expanding workforce.”  I think White Bear student should be allowed to do a online learning course through middle school and high school.
The first reason that online learning should be allowed during high school is it helps kids learn at their own pace. According to journal research in context, “We can adjust student schedules to meet the needs of individual learners.” In other words the research in context says they can move different classes to fit one person to match their pace that they learn at. As evidenced by this online schools help kids go at their own pace because they can adjust their schedule. if this is true then it must follow that online learning through high school is good.
The second reason that online learning should be allowed be during high school is because it would prevent bullying.  Gale research in context said “Bullying is a widespread problem that can occur anywhere people are, but it is most notable in schools and among young people. “ In other words bullying is a huge problem everywhere especially in schools. Such a statement proves that online schooling will prevent bullying because when you go to school everyday you will see the people that bullied you. When you stay at home you don't have to see the people that bully you. This matters because if you stay at home then you won't get bullied as much.

Lastly online learning helps kids learn in different ways. According to, "Adolescents On The Net: Internet Use And Well-Being," Technology would provide more academic success for students in a grade four results showed that the experimental group (using instructional reading technology), had greater academic success than the control group… “ the text is implying that technology will give kids better success. This also means that online learning  helps kids learn in different ways so they get it. Therefore if you do online learning it will teach your kids until they understand it.
Some people argue that kids don't need to have communication in school because they have the rest of the day outside of school to communicate with others. However, Subrahmanyam, Kaveri, and Gloria Lin (Health Source - Consumer Edition) said that “loneliness was not related to the total time spent online, nor to the time spent on e-mail, but was related to participants' gender. “ In other words, this means that when you’re on the web it doesn't mean you are alone because when you are not on the web you can communicate with others. It is showing that you have the rest of the day to communicate with others.
Overall, online schools are better than regular schools. First off kids learn off at their own pace. Secondly kids dont want to go to school because they get bullied. Lastly online schools help kids learn in different ways. Since you heard all these amazing reasons kids should be aloud to do online schools in high school.
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