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I don't yet know who I want to be but here I am anyway.


March 26, 2019


Sometimes i’m Scared to be me. 
With my books, 
And my looks, 
And the things I love to cook

then I look over at you 
with your styles
And your smiles, 
that cheer people up for miles

I wonder how you find the strength todo it.
how you find the strength to BE it? 

I’ve tried to be like you. 
it just made me feel blue. 
It was then that I knew:

Sometimes i’m Scared to be me,
But its me I need to be



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1 Comment
  • Mary Wall

    What a unique poem! And I love the theme of being yourself. It's something that a lot of us, whether we admit it or not, struggle with! Thanks for the follow, btw!:)

    almost 2 years ago