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I hope you like it. I will take anything you got. positive and negitive imput. i just want to write and learn to write better. ;)


March 26, 2019

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

I cuddled up to your nice warm chest, providing warmth from the cold winter storm. The smell of gingerbread cookies mixed with the smell of hot coco. I could see us coming here every year, where ot  started. I remeber the first memories we ever had together, we met in the town bookstore and we got hot coco and walking around the town, looking at all the sights. We ended at the skating rink in the center of town. We were skating when I fell on you adn made the first move. The sweet, crisp kiss we shared starting it. 


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  • ~Kate T

    Short but sweet. I really like how you describe the smells, it adds a lot of depth to this. Found one error, "and" is spelled wrong in the sentence that starts with "we were skating." Other than that, I love it!

    11 months ago