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self love starts small

By: leonardohinnant

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

I look down towards my hands, and see my silver rings shining back at me

It's all just accessories, I think to myself.
It's just a way to beautify myself, for me, not for anyone else. Often it's hard for me to understand how I am beauty by myself, without the accessories. Often I don't realize my beauty or worth. I slowly slip the rings off my fingers, until I'm staring down at my bare hands.

It all ends today, because I am beautiful.
I love myself unconditionally, despite my moments of feeling unloved.

Peer Review

I enjoy how there is a story unfolding in the physical world while inner turmoil goes on at the same time.

I was left with a sense of self awareness.

Reviewer Comments

What was the event that prompted the narrator to remove the silver rings? Was there a reason more specific than wanting to beautify him/herself for wearing multiple silver rings?