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I don’t usually share my writing but I hope you like/enjoy reading whatever I do share on here. A lot of my work on here will probably just me getting stuff off my chest cos I don’t feel comfortable saying it out loud.

I write quite often, but it’s usually with a pen and paper, and I don’t like to share my work. Some of my pieces are inspired by other peoples work, or a song; the other half is straight from my head.

I’m A Witch

March 26, 2019


Dear ___________,

I hope you don’t mind that I have decided to write this to you, rather than trying to explain myself face to face. It’s just that I find it easier to express myself in writing, so I can think through what I’m talking about. Of course I’m happy to talk about this with you, once you have read this letter, but I would like to explain myself carefully in the first instance.

As you may be aware, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Gods and religion lately. It seems to me that there are many religions in the world, with different Gods, some with a Goddess, and some even with both; and all have many things in common. Mainly they promote positive social and moral attitudes which enable us to get along with each other in a better way, such as being kind to one another, caring for those who are less able, respecting one another. It seems to me that there is no reason why these differing beliefs should not be practised alongside each other, if everyone is prepared to be tolerant. In fact a great many wars and other troubles could have been avoided in the past, and present, if religious tolerance was more common. I have looked at some of these belief systems and have given it a great deal of thought, and now I feel that I have found a spiritual path which answers my needs, although I accept that it might not be the choice of everyone.  

One of my reasons for writing rather than talking about this is because I would like to explain why I find my current choice of path right for me. It encompasses many beliefs and I would like to briefly tell you about them: 
-    I believe that everyone is entitled to make their own informed choice of their spiritual path, so long as it does not harm anyone else.
-    I believe that the divine is both male and female equally and in balance, and that I can find a similar balance within myself. I also believe that I can relate directly with the divine as I see it and do not need others to intercede on my behalf. 
-    I believe that we should respect nature and not take more than we need from our world.
-    I believe I am responsible for my own development, that I should work to become the best person that I am capable of being. 
-    I believe I am responsible for my own thoughts, feelings and actions, that I can blame no one else for them. I do not believe that I can blame any outside force for anything that I might do. 
-    I believe that I am capable of making positive change in my life and in the world around me. 
-    I believe that, whatever I do, I should always try to not harm anyone else,  although I should strive to be true to myself. 

The name of my chosen path is Wicca, which has also been called Witchcraft, and please, before you react with surprise, or even horror, can I ask you to read on a bit further. Wicca is one of the older nature religions which were practise around the world before the coming of other, more patriarchal religions. Unfortunately it has been given a very bad name both during the times when it was being superseded and more recently by the media, who have sought to sensationalise it. I realise that you may have a number of concerns about my choice of path and I would like to try to reassure you about some of the more common, but inaccurate, stereotypes. 

Contrary to popular belief, Wicca has nothing to do with Devil worship or Satanism. I do not believe in a ‘negative God’ whose purpose is to balance out the ‘Good Good’, but rather that I am responsible for anything I may be doing wrong. I am not saying that I do not need the help of the divine to assist me, but that the responsibility is mine. 

Neither is Wicca about the use of drugs, nudity, or sex. To use drugs would be to not allow me to develop myself to the best of my ability and my belief that I should harm no one includes harm to myself. The union of man and woman is considered to be a sacred part of a loving relationship and not something to be taken lightly. One of the key points of this faith is that no one should be asked or encouraged to do anything which they feel uncomfortable with and I hope that you will feel enough trust in me to believe that I will use my personal judgement in these areas, just as I will in the non-spiritual side of my life. Also just saying; I’m not going to go dancing naked, witches have not been the ones to that in centuries. 

This is not just a passing phase, nor something I am doing to shock you, but is a real choice I would like to explore. You may feel that this is something out of the ordinary, but Wicca is in fact one of the faster-growing religions in the world today and there are many others who feel as I do. If you would like I can put you in touch with some recognised organisations, both Wiccan and independent, who will explain further, and who have much expertise in answering the concerned questions of friends and family.

I would also like to emphasise that I am not dang this because I have been coerced or ‘brainwashed’ by anyone else. No one has forced me to explore this path, nor am I obeying someone else’s instructions. In keeping with the principle of freedom of spiritual choice, I really have thought about this for myself. 

Also, I really have not done this to upset or worry you, as I know that you care for me, as I do for you. I am hoping that you are still reading this and that even if you do not agree with my choice of path, are you prepared to give me the opportunity to try to answer your questions and concerns. I cannot claim to have all the answers, but hope that, if you are still worried, you will give me the chance t set your fears at rest.

With my love, 
This is the letter that I will eventually give to my friends and family, and i thought a good place to get feedback was on here. Even though one of my friends(who doesn’t know yet) is another writer here on Write The World, I’m hoping she isn’t phased by this, she will just get a head start... well, I would love some feedback please guys. Xx


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  • buddingauthor

    I love this! It's so raw and honest and straight from your heart, but it is well-worded and doesn't harm any one's feelings. I totally agree with you about the fact that everyone should be free to practice their religion and that all the religions should be practiced alongside one another. I think it is super cool to have selected Wicca as a religion.

    over 2 years ago
  • timtam.9

    That’s super cool

    over 2 years ago