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negative space

March 26, 2019


they made her an idol
and built her a throne of compliments
they smiled when she sat down
and added their tribute each day

but they made the throne fragile
and as it climbed higher
it wobbled and threatened to come crashing down on her
so she tried to leave
but they pushed her back with
awe bleeding from their lips
and taunts grasped tightly between their fingers

she stayed
and struggled to keep it from crashing down
anger burned in the hot tears rolling down her cheeks
but cooled quickly
when she remembered that they kept her there but
she had been the one to step up to the throne in the beginning

she stayed and started to think
she was nothing more
than negative space
it was always harder to explain
why she couldn't do something
than to explain why she could

she stayed and built her own facade
she smiled at the newcomers and shook hands with other queens
she played to the whims of her people
and painted herself as a goddess

she knew that it wasn't true
and when she looked in the mirror
she told the girl on the other side
that she should define herself
by what she is
and what she can do
instead of what she can't

but it's always hard to take advice
from a liar


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  • AbigailSauble

    It's so sadly true ... The facade is our doing, but we need help to tear it down.

    about 1 year ago
  • sofiabmsw

    I love this! The message you give is so great, and you have such power in your words. Amazing job!

    about 1 year ago