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March 25, 2019


The most important lessons that you will ever learn as a teenage girl are not the ones in your textbooks.

The most important lessons that you will ever learn as a teenage girl are the ones that you have to teach yourself. 

You teach yourself how to assemble an outfit for the first day of school that isn’t too much. 

You teach yourself how to make new friends without coming across as too weird. 

You teach yourself how to dress out in the locker room and not make yourself feel too exposed, but it takes a while. 

You pour oceans into your diary and teach yourself that you are greater than a backstabbing Snapchat post.

You learn how to stand up for yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you.

When they call you a witch, you teach yourself how to summon languages out of boys they did not know they could speak.

You learn to look yourself in the eye and call yourself by your name. 

You teach yourself how to look directly into the male gaze, daring it to cross you.

You teach yourself how to say no. 

You learn to rise above the whispers.

You learn that your mind is sharper than the scissors you use to cut crop tops out of anything and everything. 

You are the first drop of a hurricane. 

Your whiteboard is your self-portrait and your Expo Marker is your story. 

Your powerpoint is your name written over and over again. 

You teach the class new things everyday. 

As a teenage girl, it will take years for you to learn to love yourself, but you’re headed towards your masters degree.


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  • LackingASocialLife

    I love this!! Also, if you read this I'm on instagram now @mezagucci and would love to keep in touch with some wtw friends <3 This piece is soooo true

    over 1 year ago