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March 23, 2019

PROMPT: Strike

In our youth, we're given too much or too little time to goof off and be kids. We try to make friends and figure out our lives, falling and getting up just to try a little harder, which is something to which I cannot stay passive. My friend decided it'd be fun to dress up as an anime character, but an issue arose with our biology teacher in the sense of the character was female and my friend was male. My teacher verbally forced him the remove the outfit, which did not oppose dress code or county policy, and I took offense a hypothetical situation that,in this era, might not be so hypothetical. Transgender or nonbinary students choosing to dress to the identity that they're comfortable in should not be reprimanded but praised as it encourages us as people to be ourselves, which is an issue I would more than speak out for.
a bit extreme and probably taken lightly out of contexts on my part, but the issue that I addressed in my last sentence still stands


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