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Forbidden Love

March 24, 2019

PROMPT: Love in Words

        My parents are very overprotective and the entire idea of falling in love before I even turned fifteen seemed a complete fantasy, but still, at twelve I experienced forbidden love and I don't regret it. This is my story. 

 I'm twelve and I have been to seven different schools, finally, my parents found the right one. I never expected to like someone when my parents forbid that I even text a boy but it happened anyway. It was my first day at this new school I befriend a girl named Olivia and we became good friends, like any other person on their first day of school you become super nervous,now I'm not a very rich person but the people in this new school were loaded they drove teslas and had other fancy stuff so I felt kind of out of place. It was still great, there was this really nice boy named Connor I kind of liked him and I ignored everyone else saying what's the point we can at least be friends. at the same time this was happening another boy named Shane (not really but I can't say his real name) ended up in the same elective as me and Olivia, I didn't care about him he seemed so rude and the teachers hated him, I even called him a foul name,but there was something special about him . MAybe it was those golden eyes or the way he smiled when he got in trouble, or how he could crack me up with the most random comment. Shane and Olivia were good friends and so I started to talk to Olivia about him and she began to suspect that I liked him, but I'm not about to tell her that her best friend was head over heels in love with her other best friend. The thing was that I knew Olivia also liked him so I asked her permission to talk to him and she was fine saying they were only friends so I went ahead and started talking to him we became okay friends when one day he was whining to one of his other friends that no one liked him, but I did and I was so close to telling him. instead, I decided to tell his friend to tell him. So he did apparently he liked me too I was so surprised. The next day we started texting my love grew for him more and more and know im going to the annual dance in our school with him on Friday. I still haven't told, my parents and hope to do it soon, just looking for the right moment.

If your reading this I'm sorry I just had to tell someone how much I love and continue loving him every day.


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    Hey, good luck! ;)

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