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Only a Hundred Words

By: KatieGeeJam

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

I can only say one-hundred words... 
How can I describe my smile whenever I see your stupid face through the car window?
Or all of the times that you look at me and I feel heat seeping through my face, infecting every corner?
Maybe I can tell them about the time we looked at the stars, but all I could focus on was your voice filling the sky with lust and wonder.
Maybe I can say all the things that make you special (if only it was 1,000,000 instead)
Maybe... just maybe I can say,
I love you,

...I do.

Message to Readers

I'm super bad at grammar so if someone could help me on that I would really appreciate it. Does the bolded text thing make sense? Is it too distracting? Is there anything I can do to make the piece sound better overall? thank youu

Peer Review

I really like the simplicity of the piece. It's wonderfully straight to the point yet fills your heart in the best way.

I feel warm.
Mainly because those words seem to express exactly what I have felt in the past.

Reviewer Comments

Good job bolding the most important words.