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Extraordinary Creatures: Mice

March 22, 2019


     Commonly considered pests, mice are actually very hygienic, intelligent, and emotional creatures. Mice, scientifically known as mus musculus and part of the muridae family, is a tiny, nocturnal animal which live an average of 1 to 2 years.
        A mouse, just like a human, doesn’t want to eat, sleep, and poo in the same place. Instead, a mouse’s burrow has different rooms each serving a purpose, including a pantry, bedroom, and even a bathroom.
        Not only are mice hygienic creatures, but they’re very intelligent. A mouse’s brain is equivalent to a human’s!
        Mice are also very emotional, whenever a mouse knows that another mouse is sad, they feel sad as well.
        At Apollo’s Temple in Greece, not only are mice not considered pests, they’re honored there! To honor the Greek god Apollo, sometimes called “Apollo Smintheus” which means “Apollo the mouse”, white mice are kept at the temple.
        The saying “quiet as a mouse” isn’t completely true, mice are actually quite talkative. The reason we don’t hear them is because they communicate using ultrasound which we can’t hear. Mice also communicate using facial expressions!
        Mice are caring and loving creatures. Next time, instead of laying out mouse traps, try using peppermint oil to humanely keep mice out of your house!

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1 Comment
  • AbigailSauble

    This is interesting! I didn't know these facts about mice. And while I don't believe that mice are equal to humans in any sense of the term, it's still interesting to read about them. =) You could write about jellyfish! Or any other kind of sea-animal. =)

    about 1 year ago