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A humble young storyteller who loves sunny days, brightly colored cacti, the ocean, and you.

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I'm a young storytellin' gal just over a month shy of being an actual, legal adult . . . that's a scary thought.
My writing passion is fiction/high fantasy, but every now and then I pop out an edgy poem or two about my feelings.
I am also a theatre kid. 100%. If writing is my passion, then acting is my dream.
I just love to tell good stories any way I can.

Little "I love you"s

March 22, 2019


the color blue
light or dark, faded or sharp
reminds me of you.
ukulele songs
strummed and sung, light like the sun
remind me of you.
sweet bright cacti
blue and green, the painted scene
reminds me of you.
everything beautiful
starry night skies, dark brown eyes
remind me of you.

I dream in color
sharp and blinding
blurry and faded
but when I dream of you
soft and blue
dark violet through
and I know it's you . . .
                        . . . my heartbeat hue

send me a smile
in faded color
folded, wrinkled, sunlit hue
the blue sky behind
the warm dancing light
a picture of me and darling you.

How'd you get up there so high?
Oh, right.
Because my heart decided
To put you up there
Among the stars
Because you were too bright for my aching eyes.

I knew I was in trouble
the day that every single love song in the world . . .
. . . was suddenly about you.
Hey, James. These are for you.

I love you.

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