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do the shadows know where you've gone?

By: Christy Wisdom


i can no longer count
the days since you left
friendships i had, but now?
of friends i'm bereft

you were the first,
the first one to leave me
then before i knew it
i had nobody

i wonder if the shadows
know where you've gone
maybe if i'd asked them
everything wouldn't be so wrong

i wish you'd come back
i wish you were here
i wish for them back-
all the people i held dear

but you're not coming back
the shadows can't reach you
the stars are your home now
off this earth you flew

our side won the war
at the cost of you all
but now i'm alone in victory
talking to shadows on the wall


Peer Review

The title was everything to me? It was such a intriguing question, I knew I had to click the link.

Nothing was vague. It was fantastic!

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Awesome work! While reviewing your works, it makes me truly know that you are a terrific writer. Keep on writing!