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out of the deck of lgbt cards, im the ace

im dippin in like one week y'all should know where to find me by now

when memory survived the end of the world #ghostlycontest

March 21, 2019


I pulled butterflies out of my mouth,
spit them into the bathroom sink and ignored the voices pleading,
                "Please, don't --"
as though that would stop me from tearing through paper wings;
it's not that I wanted to do this.
it's that there was no other way.

when the trees whisper in willowy voices,
who will listen?
                        I carved my name into a trunk
                        then scratched out every letter
                        in some misguided attempt to
                        save myself from this.
                                                        had I any tears left
                                                I would have drowned in them.

that night the stars fell to the earth,
I remember holding onto your hand as a lifeline
and watching it all go up in flame.
maybe it was beautiful,
a poetic way to go,
                                but the world ended when I was born;
                                only I had to carry those shakles
                                and know there was a dead thing growing in my place.

every little cliche we promised to act out
carves new holes into my chest
and I --

I pull butterflies out of my mouth
while the reflection begs,
                                                "Please, don't --"
in an empty world
where you were taken away by the stars

and I am the only thing left behind.


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  • Anha

    s t u n n i n g. dead on the floor.

    over 1 year ago
  • Ruthh

    This is amazing!!

    over 1 year ago