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This is my first [piece of work on this site, which I found while looking for a way to better my craft as a writer. I hope you enjoy and that, if you choose, leave some feedback on word choice or sentence structure or even just say hi!


March 21, 2019

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    The bus smelled terrible this morning, like burning fry grease and the usual Axe body spray. The eighth graders were loud and rude as usual, cussing and gossiping as I waited quietly for the boy in front of me to sit down. I trudged into the seat behind him, tripping over his foot and biting the inside of my cheek as I went; people usually assume I'm sad on the bus but in actuality, I'm just not in a social mood like everyone else. I guess that makes me weird or something since the eighth graders always wear these scowls on their faces that they'd like to think I don't notice.
    I don't know what it was about this morning, but it seemed as if the world was speeding by me and I was stuck in place; perhaps because I hadn't slept well last night since I was engrossed in the book Sarah insisted I read. To her credit, it is an awesome book and I will gladly buy my own copy eventually. 
    The eighth graders got louder as the bus reached its last stop and headed towards school and somebody decided it'd be so fun to throw a pencil at the bus driver. As the bus screeched to halt, tear burned in the corners of my eyes and my head started pounding. The bus driver got up and inhaled firmly.
    Why am I so nervous? I thought I haven't done anything.
I scratched at the veins of my right forearm and realized why my morning felt so awkward - or at least, slightly more awkward than usual. I riffled through my backpack that was thick with broken pencils, a sweatshirt, and folders to find my headphones. I plugged them into my battered phone and fumbled with the blasted thing until Spotify - glorious Spotify- opened. I picked the playlist that consisted of the best I'd listened to, which was Twenty Pilots' obscurely perfect sound, Gorillaz's animated rock and the good vibes of mxmtoon's plum blossom album.
    I exhaled slowly as the eighth graders and the bus driver and the idling engine gave away to my savior, my solace, my lifeline, my music. Yes.


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  • Harlow

    Thanks. I'm glad to be here. Awesome username, btw.

    over 1 year ago
  • Julius Caesar

    heck yes!!! I LOVE TOP. They're such a legend in my own eyes, my middle name, my goodbye, lmao. I like your piece over all. The description is very well done. I really like the twist in the end. I may write a review on this later if I have time. And welcome to Write the World my friend!

    over 1 year ago