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syllables, stars, & sarcasm

Message to Readers

This is a work in progress, and any and all comments are greatly needed and appreciated.

This work was originally much shorter, but a misinterpretation of a time limit led to me creating this monstrosity. I am currently working on cutting it down again.

We The Fire

March 10, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I was born a flame.
Burning bright, I consumed
the oxygen around me.
it seemed endless-
yet you would still try to restrain
from exhausting the supply,
you said.

I learned in time
the truth.

Sickly carbons that you are,
You shied away from the heat.
Abortion, not Acceptance
was your policy-
Yet, unlike a young mother,
My presence in your world
Never posed a threat,
either on life nor style.

Yet still You say “the fault
in your stars
is not ours”

With each modern horror story
(that you treated like a movie),
With each successive stat
(that I had slaved for hours on end to confirm),
With each time I danced around you,
Biting my tongue and selecting my words
out of the full lexicon
that my heart screamed to say,
I drew further and further away
from the world you had drawn for me.

The blasé disassociation of
my charges
into inert salts
precipitated the beginning of my revolt;
My “girl” became woman
and my woman’s mind was set;
having broken from the mold you
constrained me to,
the homemade jello saved my silhouette,
reminded me of my new catalyst
and activated my energy
Every time I had to remind you
that “women” meant people
and People encompassed women,
men, and everything in between.
That You and I should be

I brokered peace under a hundred suns
But nothing would satisfy all of You.
Your numbers overwhelming,
Your larynxs bigger, more powerful,
You drowned my lone cry.
Many justices, yet no justice
did I receive.

I ran with my loss
Only to find others who share in my pain;
Others, who when escaping their
prisons of flesh and words,
were ingrained with the knowledge
of how much disproportionate power
can come with the lack of laws
to save us.

We knew you won’t save us,
so we’re saving each other
and ourselves.

Our pain became compressed into diamonds;
the experience we gained
turned into the steel
we wear upon our backs
And if we try to claim
that we only want equality
that we just want our volume bars
to be at the same level-
you’ll misinterpret the analogy;
think that life is a balance beam
and as we rise, you fall.

So I here stand today
with my sisters and brothers- yes,
my brothers-
as not a final wall against your disingenuity,
but a first militia,
ready to take the first step
in a drawn-out battle
whose hidden argument has taken
centuries to surface through the
sophistry of your oceans.
You may have cooled our lava into rock,
but the basalt built up
and our volcano
will soon break the choppy waves.

And as our phoenix feathers
reform from the ashes
we have been reduced to,
in your fear you call the rain,
the torrenting, thundering, icy rain
to put out our rising glow.
But what you do not know
is that while our wings keep us aloft
it is our voices that crescendo with our call;
You tried to silence us by keeping us from flying
But our beaks are empty
and the fires in our bellies
make our presence known to all.

And We The People of the United States,
We The Salamanders amongst this fiery race,
We will not accept
what You tell us is our fate.


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