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Spring in MN

August 21, 2019


    Winter in good old MN is no place for wussies, that's for certain.  This year has ben a doozy!  The snowbank outside my bedroom window actually rose over the sill after a winter's worth of snow and shovelling.  There was a stretch when if you went outside, you got to choose between feeling the inside of your nose begin to freeze or the inside of your mouth, the air you breathed in was so cold.  And, if you lingered on the pavement after going in the house for a bit, your boots would start freezing to it.  Wet boots add a whole nother dimension to the fun.  There is no cold that makes your very bones ache like the cold of wet boots in the winter.
    Course, it can't storm forever.  My favorite part of winter weather is hoar frost.  It's like a coat of the most elegant ermine draped over creation as far as the eye can see -- which isn't far.  Hoar frost is usually accompanied by fog, and that just adds to the charm and lightness and mystery of it all.  (Until you start driving.  I imagine that stops the enjoyment very quickly.)
    Anyways, that's all to set the stage for one of the grandest transformations on God's good earth.  Imagine how it is to have been pretty well locked inside the same house almost all day for months.  Imagine knowing only the cold, the overcast, the dreary.   Then, one glorious day, you tramp outside to find that you can hear water dripping off the roof.  The water eventually begins dripping faster, and puddles start to appear.
    Then it freezes again and forms an ice hazard.
    But then the sun beams out again, and he feels stronger than he has in a long time.  The water really starts to run, and the bite of the breze softens to a conciliatory kiss.  Then --
    More rain.
    And all of a sudden, where there was once a crick bottom, there is now this distended mass of water, like an anaconda after it swallows a deeer.
    Where'd the crick go?
    And all of a sudden, the slushy roads and omnipresent puddles don't matter, and the dirt that mysteriously appeared on once perfectly edible snowbanks doesn't seem quite as untidy, because out of the sky falls the beloved, disconcordant clamor of Canadian geese.
    Now all we need is a few robins, and it will be summer!
Just figured you guys might like a peek at cold weather.  You know, for descriptions and ....stuff.


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