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Angela Soria

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Welcome to this place on the internet, hope you enjoy your visit and well *awkward shrug* have fun.

The Way I Talk

March 10, 2016

PROMPT: Local Tongue

Y’all, is a word like no other
The southern accent it draws from is laid on thick
Especially when you’re about to get in a heap of trouble from your mother
In different tones it could be the one thing that separates the sweet tea from the grit.

My dialect however isn’t all southern bell
No, just like this country it’s its own melting pot
Switching from hood for the times I don’t understand to Latina when I have secrets to tell
My words are different every time I talk

“Rolling the d20” means I’m taking a chance
ANDALE means GO GO GO Don’t stop just go
If you don’t get there in time you’ll won’t be able to make and entrance
So untie your breezeblocks and hurry down to the show

These words may seem random and not completely there
But this is my voice so I don’t give a damn if you care


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