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Technology Interfering with Communication

March 12, 2016

You have to admit, we are all impressed with how far our technology has come, but has this huge improvement caused more problems or has it solved many of our technological issues? Perhaps this has caused us to become lazier and has us depending on our phones. Does the improvement of technology interfere with our face to face communication in a good or bad way?
    There are so many cons to technology in itself such as, smart phones, social media, texting, e-mailing, etc. These things are taking too much of our time, when we could be doing more activities that mean so much more to us. Activities such as, actually putting the phone down and hanging out with friends and family. Now with all these social medias and apps, they are causing our families to rarely sit down with each other and just talk and have an actual really conversation. Let me ask you a questions, when was the last time you have set your phone down and did not look at it throughout a whole entire conversation with someone face to face> That is the problem with the world now a days, technology kills communication.
    Even with there being so many cons, there also comes along with some pros to it as well. Let us say, if we are far from home, no matter if it is for work or for vacation, we have our phones to interact with others on. Whether is is a boyfriend, a girlfriend, parents, friends, or even your children we can talk with them from a far distance away from home. Another great thing about this improvement is that if there is ever an emergency that is occurring you could call it in with your phone. Or if you made plans with someone and suddenly something all of a sudden pops up and you have to cancel those plans you just made. It would be faster to send them an e-mail, a call, or a text than to drive over to their house and tell them face to face that you can not make it anymore. All of the improvements have made the tasks in our daily lives easier and faster or efficiently, but there is one big problem with this. We are getting lazier because of the shortcuts that the newest technology has for us. Think of it, we have to search every question we have on Google just to see the answer.


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